Healing our Mothers through the Beautiful Game

A Healing-Sports (H-Sports) company   

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From its beginnings in 2015, Square Roots has been investing in humanity’s most important resource - mothers.

Our investments are diverse, ranging from research to midwifery clinics to city wellness programs to free prenatal centers, all with a singular aim: discover how best to impact pregnancy well being and share it with the world.

Now, Square Roots introduces FC Mother.

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As the world honored Pelé on his 83rd birthday – the first since his passing – FC Mother and the Pelé Foundation formed a groundbreaking partnership to harness the power of football communities and address the most valuable public health issue in humanity: 

Healing Our Mothers Of the Earth (H.O.M.E)

Futbol electrifies humanity.

Humanity is powered by Mothers.

Now, Futbol will regenerate and heal our mothers, 

A $27.2 Trillion problem.

FC Mother is the world’s first healing-sports company, harnessing the power of 5 billion football fans across 4,500 football clubs to distribute world class science and healing solutions to our mothers, families and humanity… 

Generating up to 475 million “Quality Adjusted Life Years” back to humanity by healing our mothers, a $12.3 Trillion impact opportunity and breakthrough in longevity, health, and human flourishing.