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Heal our Mothers of Earth through the Beautiful Game


Fútbol is the greatest social force in humanity, and we are marrying it to the single greatest social need: our mothers healing and well-being. Fútbol clubs, fútbol communities, and fútbol infrastructure will be repurposed - for the first time - as a platform for the benefit of mothers with the world’s leading science, well being and healing tools and education services.

  • US' first ever, historic policy resolution on maternal well-being, signed at USCM 1,400 mayors

  • World's first science-based standard for prenatal well being - Birthmark (TM)

  • United State's first cities platform for maternal wellness certification - Birthmark Cities US

  • World's first maternal environment research lab, Humanity 2.0 Lab

  • US' first network of free maternal education wellness centers -  Birthmark Center

  • Pioneered the Fareed Family Maternal Health Fund at Harvard T.H. Chan

  • Pioneered a 'Birth Bonds' Funding Program alongside Every Mother Counts and Ancient Doula Services



It's taken us 10 years of collaborating alongside experts from world class institutions to create a breakthrough solution for motherhood healing through futbol, and pioneer a new field of science for 'healthy mother environments'.


We’ve taken this enormous body of work and ecosystem and built the first bridge of motherhood science into futbol communities

Globally, there are 4,440 fútbol clubs, and the football community comprises nearly 4.5 Billion people with a total spend of $50 Billion on community well-being, making fútbol humanity’s most powerful social, community and cultural force. Yet, fútbol has never been leveraged for the benefit of our most valuable community, our mothers.


Dona Celeste 

King Pelé's Mother

Innovative new global project to start in Santos, Brazil, in honour of Pelé’s Mother, Dona Celeste Arantes, merging the world’s leading maternal science with the world’s leading fútbol communities. 


The inaugural HOME program will be located in Pelé’s home and the spiritual birthplace of fútbol, and is named in honour of his mother, Dona Celeste. The project will launch in Santos in late January 2024.

As the world honours Pelé on his 83rd birthday – the first since his passing last December – FC Mother and the Pelé Foundation form a groundbreaking partnership to harness the power of fútbol communities to help address one of the most valuable public health issues – healing our mothers of the earth (H.O.M.E).


The First Well-Being Platform

designed to Heal our Mothers

through the Beautiful Game 



sport club partnerships and HOME center locations in the next ten years.

Having secured the spiritual home of fútbol and successfully served mothers across Brazil through evidence base launch programs, FC Mother will expand globally – as well as into additional sports including the NBA, NFL, MLB, and the NHL, amongst others. 


FC Mother’s model and growth ambitions are anchored upon our proven track record over the last decade. From 2013-2023, our sister company’s public health platform of wellness centers, WELL, has opened over 44,000+ wellness community locations in 125 countries and become the world’s largest provider of community  wellness with over 3,800 enterprise partnerships.

White Paper Team Presentation in Vatican City by FC Mother Founder Morad Fareed, TIME Magazine Woman of the Year Jennie Joseph, Harvard’s Dr. Ana Langer, Delos’ Dr. Jie Zhao, and IHME’s Alison Tracy.

White Paper introduction in Vatican City by FC Mother Founder Morad Fareed, Dean of Harvard Chan School of Public Health Dr. Michele Williams, and Dean of Philosophy at the Vatican’s  Pontifical Lateran University Father Philip Larrey.

Our frontier science presented here at the Vatican forum, Humanity 2.0 - alongside experts from Harvard, Delos, IHME, Commonsense Childbirth - explores the correlation between how environments can be optimized to improve prenatal wellness, postnatal healing, and human development, unlocking a profound new intergenerational formula for health and well being.

Our team's pioneering research quantified the value for the first time of unhealthy motherhood environments by using the world's largest real world health data set (IHME), and tracking a mother and child's health over their entire lifetime based on mom's environmental influences during pregnancy. 

Our findings: 19 million years are lost to humanity every single year due to toxic maternal experiences and complications that go unhealed, proving 'healing motherhood' is humanity's single largest addressable and most valuable public health issue of our time. “


White Paper



"The BIRTHMARK Commitment, City of Miami: FC Mother Founder Morad Fareed, City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, Dr. Judith Palfrey of Harvard, Dr. Catherine Monk of Columbia University, Dr. Scott Smith of NASA, Dr. Carol O'Donnell from the Smithsonian Science Education Center, and Co-Chair the Honorable Senator Olympia Snowe.  

BIRTHMARK® is the world's first holistic wellness standard for pregnancy that integrates 9 elements of a healthy pregnancy journey into one protocol of tools, support systems, and experiences.

BIRTHMARK® is the first unified collection of best practices based on leading science to deliver and address key gaps and identify new solutions for existing challenges facing pregnant women.

This multi-faceted approach underpins the goal of BIRTHMARK®: to deliver a comprehensive wellness experience to every single mother and family.